Country ID in DB ????

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Country ID in DB ????

Postby on Thu Feb 02, 2006 7:45 am

Is there a reason for not using standards, for the country ID in the DB...
fx using the international calling code:
Denmark = 45
USA = 1
Germany = 49

And so on... :?: :?: :?:

If we where to correct this... i would be able to supply with a complete list of country names in all languages.
By this i mean, if you are from russia, you would be able, to view country names in russian a.s.o..

But any how... since i droped the idear of give the ISP Cube to any, because of ted.
I was wondering how to help in another way...
So i startet a new cube that is filled with data about countries and cities.

But if i am to complete this cube i need all you guys help. as i need you to run an VB script, that generates a list of countries from the persons own computer in there own language... and of cause the script file would be open source, so people can see that it only does the actual extraction.

would this be helpful :?: :?: :?:
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