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How to decipher a moved instant message?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 1:08 pm
by needip

this is related to a post i have already made.

Someone hacked into my Yahoo IDS and changed the pswd. I am almost certain that it had to be someone who IM'd me recently.

On my hard drive, I found a folder called "Message archive" under a folder called the name of the ID that was stolen. It has a subfolder with the screen name of everyone that i had ever spoken with in Instant messenger. Not sure what type these files are.

I then created a new ID. I then copied all the subfolders above into the "Message archive " folder of my new Yahoo ID.

This slll seemed to work fine. I logged into IM with the new ID and the message archive now contains all the screennames that i copied over.

However, the convserations are not legible. they all came out garbage.

For example, one reads

John Doe: (02/24/06) : *&^<)((ER^
ME: (02/26/06) : ?_)_(&*(KH*&*(& *&^

is there a way of deciphering this?
can i copy the files over differently?


PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 6:51 pm
by robocoder
You should probably contact Yahoo support. (It isn't hostip-specific, and I doubt Yahoo's techs read this forum.)