IP pools and click fraud

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IP pools and click fraud

Postby desertedisland on Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:20 am

I run a small business and most of my advertising is by pay per click (adwords on google).

The company is popular and busy but recently I am being completely killed by click fraud (invalid clicks on my google ads, currently costing £2 / click).

Google seems to have stopped the obvious ways of doing this (proxies, etc.) but just about all of the low-quality (or false) clicks seem to be coming from 'IP pools' (predominantly owned by btinternet but they seem to come from several ISPs). For me to be charged for a click, the IP must be based in the UK (supposedly London but Google seems pretty lax about that).

I'm pretty sure this campaign against me is being run by a third party. They are very professional and organised; I'm pretty sure they're out of the States.

So the question is:

- Does this sound feasible? Is it possible to buy / steal / otherwise borrow an IP address from an IP pool that could be used for this sort of campaign? (They need at least hundreds).
- Is there some means of spoofing the geo-location hundreds of times over?
- Is it possible to use these addresses by some method from the States? (i.e. as a proxy which needs to be undetectable)

If things don't change, five guys are going to lose their jobs pretty soon... :cry:

Please help!
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