Using wireless to pinpoint location, and Loki's IP lookup

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Using wireless to pinpoint location, and Loki's IP lookup

Postby Zazz on Fri Jun 30, 2006 4:47 pm

I was poking around and discovered this, and just thought it was pretty interesting.

Check out -- this company has developed an application that queries a huge database of wireless access point MACs, which they have built by hand, and compares them with what your wireless card recieves to determine your exact street address. One could feasibly make an open source solution that did something similar, utilizing a public database of wireless access point locations such as Extremely accurate -- the massive disadvantage is that it only tells where *you* are, not where anybody else is. But with a gps unit and lots of gas you could drive around and have your laptop automatically build up a database associating IP addresses the world over with latitude and longitude, with almost 100% accuracy. No, I don't even have a license, but it's fun to think about.

Loki has a backup technology for identifying your city based only on your IP address when no wireless card or access points are available, similar to . For me Loki worked much better -- it identified my town exactly and instantly using only my IP, whereas had never heard of any ips near me until I entered myself. Loki was also able to identify the town of a server I have access to: this box does not have any reverse dns information associated with its ip; the ip's whois results have no location information in them; and none of the boxes within 5 hops of this box on a traceroute have any reverse dns information either. I have no idea how Loki located the IP.

I poked with Loki a bit to see how it requested location information from its server, in the hopes that I could run more requests myself on other IPs. I did manage to figure out the request format, but unfortunately it will only give location information for the IP address issuing the request -- and generally I know the town I'm in already! However, it could be very useful for automatically identifying the locations of proxies and remote shells.

When it needs to find your location based only on your IP address, Loki performs an HTTP POST request to , with the Content-Type header set to 'text/xml', containing the following data:
Code: Select all
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<IPLocationRQ xmlns="" version="2.1" street-address-lookup="full">
   <authentication version="2.0">
The server responds with an XML document containing street address information and latitude/longitude of the machine issuing the request.

I've used this a couple of times to locate IPs missing from and add them via the form on the website. Loki probably just utilizes some other IP address-to-location service out there, but it's the only free service I've run across aside from that lets you make (apparently) as many requests as you desire -- although I haven't really banged it with zillions of requests at a time since it only evaluates the IP issuing the request.
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Wants to Move the Mountain

Postby Rutru8125 on Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:11 am

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"the Bohai Sea is big enough to contain all the earth and stone," Yu Gong said.
So it was decided. His children started to dig the mountains, led by the old man Yu Gong.
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"You're wrong," Yu Gong said with a sigh. "Look, my sons can continue my work after my death. When my sons die, my grandchildren will continue. So generations after generations, there's no end. But the mountains can't grow higher. Do you still say I can’t move them away?"
Later the Heaven God, upon learning of Yu Gong’s story, was GREatly moved. He then ordered another god to come down and take the two high mountains away.
the story tells us that so long
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