please please help with IP trace over harassment

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please please help with IP trace over harassment

Postby jackie6 on Sat Oct 28, 2006 1:33 pm

I've posted before but am still desperate for anyone who can lead me to help.
In a nutshell I need to pinpoint the pc used to intimidate me and seriously harm my business. My local UK police have crimed the act as Section 2 harassment. The IP address was traced to Telefonica de Espana. It was dynamic but I have concrete times and dates. I have emailed Telefonica who say they cannot disclose the info under Data protection Act without Police official request. UK police say they cannot ask Spanish police for help as the crime equivalent does not exist in Spain. I need to know how I can get through these obstacles. Please, any help appreciated. It has really caused terrible emotionally stress.
Have put request in Safetynet but no response there so any other site names appreciated too. Thanks.
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