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ip trace

PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 7:00 pm
by danno76
i have a huge problem i have a crazy ex girlfriend who is sending me and my wife harrassing emails.i know its her but shes using an alias.i have done several IP traces but im not sure what it all means im not great on the computer she has a yahoo address when i trace it it come up with not sure what to do with this. she also has several different ip addresses but im pretty sure there coming from the same computer iwas wondering if someone could it possible to get a home address from an ip of a phone number lat/long anything that will help me prove its her ip adresses are

PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2005 10:02 am
by Karl
United States / California / Sunnyvale
Inktomi Corporation => It's a proxy server
United States / Washington / Redmond
Microsoft Corp => It's microsoft hotmail server

Then nothing to identify exactly the origin of yours messages.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2005 12:10 pm
by danno76
thanks for working on it i found someone who had a program gave me the exact address that matched perfect