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finding my IP address

PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2005 8:55 am
by sean
Wonder if anyone can help a computer illiterate!! I need to find my IP address for a wireless net connection, how do I do this without connecting to the net?
Thanks a lot

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2005 12:55 pm
by Teo
Your ip on internet can be given by :

Your ip on your private network (if you use router/firewall) can be given by using the ipconfig command with a dos window. It will be your router who will have your internet ip.

To use ipconfig from within Windows:
- Select the Start button on the Task Bar.
- Select Run.
- Type cmd.exe.
- When the DOS command prompt window opens,Type ipconfig.
This will display basic IP configuration information. For more options, type ipconfig /?.

But be carefull, internet ip is not egal at your private network ip if you use a router (wirless or not).
You will have it on direct access only.