Tracing IP of dual account forum poster

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Tracing IP of dual account forum poster

Postby Mr Pibb on Wed Mar 22, 2006 12:50 pm

One of the forum communities I frequent, has been plagued by a particularly nasty dual account poster. This person has all but admitted outright that they are doing it, and it's blatantly obvious. However, the admin no longer participates, and noone else has IP viewing rights.

I have checked the source (View Source) and there are no IP's in there. I was wondering if there was a script or program I could point at a username, or a post, and it would give me the ip of the poster.

The forum is an EZboards forum, if that helps.

Thanks in advance.
Mr Pibb
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Postby Mister on Wed Mar 22, 2006 2:04 pm

I have checked the source (View Source) and there are no IP's in there. I was wondering if there was a script or program I could point at a username, or a post, and it would give me the ip of the poster.

You cant find anything by looking at the source coz you need to be admin and that right is fetch from the database if you have give the right pass/username for it. And using any script is hacking (even as you say your using the forum) And hacking isn't what this forum/site is for.. :shock: However

Who is the owner of the forum, that guy must have access to the DB if the owner is gone then im sorry (odd that a owner of a forum leavs?)

But can you access the database directly then can you find the users IP... Also if you have access to the server (ftp) where the forum is on, then can you write a script that an fetch the users IP ...
echo "Creating GE-GEOIP";
echo "Using db :-)";
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