Posters with same IP addresses

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Posters with same IP addresses

Postby Grid on Fri Mar 24, 2006 8:15 am

Hi. I'm new here (got channeled here while searching out the possibilities of two (or more) members having the same IP address).

I've seen plenty of "evidence" and reason, while doing my research, that IP addresses are (should be?) unique.

I was a moderator on a discussion board that had approximately 500 members many having more than 100 posts per day. At one point I ran the IP of a questionable poster (our forum had the ability to "find all posts from this IP). Eight (yes 8 ) different members names came up along with the one I was investigating. Two of them were other mods on the site. Intrigued, I pulled up the other mod's posts and found that there were about 7 IPs and that they shared some of them.

I recently had an "argument" with my fiance (who was a computer tech for many years). He said that this was virtually impossible, there being over 4 billion IP possibilities.

My explanation? ... Most of the people on this board were military, ex-military or spouses. Perhaps, through their military connection they signed up with a small service provider who does not have a huge block of IPs and switches them around. All of these same members that I "knew" (I didn't know all 8 ) were all from North Carolina/South Carolina.

So ... am I off my rocker? LMK. Thanks for your input!
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Postby robocoder on Sat Mar 25, 2006 8:20 pm

Our firewall/router does NAT (network address translation). To any computer outside our LAN, every one of our computers appears to have a single IP address (namely, the IP address of our firewall).

There are valid situations for this, including:

1) residential customer with multiple computers sharing a single ADSL or broadband Internet connection

2) organization assigned a netblock range (e.g., /24) that is much smaller than the number of computers requiring concurrent Internet access (e.g., > 254). In this case, it would not be possible to assign a public IP address to all of them. (This is where private IP netblocks come in handy.)
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