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Remote contributions from registration forms

Postby ghell on Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:41 am

I liked the idea of a contributed database but I was wondering a few things.

I think that the best way for me to contribute would be to show people their IP addresses when they register on my site, optionally ask them if it is correct and if nothing is found, ask them to fill in the form there rather than linking them to Is there some way of doing this? I assume that something would be needed for the site to bypass the captcha.

Also, what is to stop people from purposefully modifying the database other than their own good intentions? Is there something that says if the first 50 people from an IP range say that its in place "A" and then the 51st says its in "B", it doesn't change it to "B"? I know some people would change this on purpose because they fear that a database having their information is a violation of their privacy (I do not share this point of view but it can't be denied that some people would do this). Even if they don't change it on purpose, when I put my town in, it thought I was somewhere across the country because there is more than one town with that name, so I had to put in a larger city nearby that I know has a unique name.

Finally, why is the country lookup on this not accurate? The site itself says "The database is significantly more accurate (it ought to be 100%) for countries than for cities" but it put me in the country "??" until I entered my country/city. I assume that countries can be worked out based on global IP allocations, which is why it should be 100% accurate but if that is the case, why could it not even tell me my country? Does it just show nothing if it can't show the city?

Aren't there better ways of getting the majority of the data? For example, my IP address is in the UK and my host name is * so from this you can tell that I live near Guildford and that my ISP is NTL (now Virgin Media), which is further confirmation that I live in the UK. Some map of host masks to locations must help a bit rather than relying entirely on what people enter into the site themselves.

The longitude and latitude seem to be a bit misleading too. Could something be added to the site to enter the longitude and latitude on a map rather than by entering the values?
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Postby sherriesyo on Sun Jan 04, 2009 11:18 pm

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