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no UTF-8-output / CMSMadeSimple-Integration

Postby Connie on Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:31 am


I like this bit of functionality, but:

I integrated the Hostip-Info, using the CMSMadeSimple-Plugin, at but I think the Plugin is not the problem, it is the direct output

I integrated it in this way to the template:

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<p>Willkommen! <br />Ihre IP {benutzerip} verrät uns, daß Sie aus  {$geohostip.City} in {geohostip img="./images/world/CountryCode.png"} {$geohostip.Flag} kommen.</p>

As you see, I use Umlauts. The umlaut "ä" is presented correctly, but "{$geohostip.City} " which in the actual case had the value "Göttingen" brought the usual character-huddle:

I guess Nepali Users or korean users will even run into more trouble

so I ask for the parameter to define the character-code for the output or I think, to define the output by default to UTF-8

remember, the world is big and we have rich cultures with rich charactersets :)
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