Limitations of /24 approach?

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Limitations of /24 approach?

Postby Karsten on Fri Apr 27, 2007 8:54 am

Hello, Team,

thanks for the good work.

Now, I read quite a few posts and made some experiments, and my impression is (correct me if I'm wrong), that the database consists of a 256x256x256 cube with geographic coordinates in each cell. Each cell represents 256 IP numbers. Right?

Isn't there a very serious limitation to this approach?

Can't it be that a small provider has reserved only a portion of these 256 numbers (I've seen this), and another provider is a few 100 miles away and reserved the other numbers, and now the users of both will continuously "correct" the "other ISP's" location entries?

And then, a large provider may have reserved a huge range of numbers, but uses these in very small chunks on local access points all over the country. Can deal with this scenario?

Or are providers nowadays working even differently and assign IP numbers across the country anyway, without binding IP ranges to local access points at all?

I am asking this question because I saw entries for "my" IP number here in Germany which were as much as 250miles (not km!) away, which renders useless for Germany.

Curiously looking forward to your replies!

PS: Don't be puzzled, you may see my post coming from a US IP number, because my office is directly connected to the US. I am physically located in Germany. Yet another reason for wrong locations, but that's another can of worms, I guess. -- Gospel Music in Germany
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Funny... and, may be I can help!

Postby Karsten on Fri May 04, 2007 7:37 pm

Hi, Team!

Funny that there was not even a single post which tried to defend the approach of this service?

Anyway, I think I understand the value of the traceroute robot now. It can give pretty accurate hints here in Germany, but I guess that nobody wrote the regular expressions for the host names vs. cities and coordinates, right?

What exactly do you need? May be I can help. What are the file formats, what would be a sample input, and what should be in the output data set? Or, better asked: Where can I find this information?

-Karsten -- Gospel Music in Germany
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