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how many attributes supported by

PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 3:06 am
by wistoch
At first I would like to present my thanks to this great service.

Recently I am developing software with and I need to know how many attributes supported by hostip.

when I use xml to get the location information of a certain IP, there are some fields, such as coutryName, coutryAbbrev etc. but some elements only have name gml:name.

I want to get the attribute name so I can tell others how many attributes I can get, while I don't know whereto get such information.

So my question is that
1. totally how many attributes it supports? ie, coutry, city, longitude, what else?
2. how can i know the real name of an attribute whose name is gml:name? it may be city or others.

can anybody help me?

thanks a lot.