XML get returns Latitude and Longitude reversed.

Questions about hostip.info remote GET support.

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XML get returns Latitude and Longitude reversed.

Postby Abinidi on Wed Mar 28, 2007 12:53 pm

If you do a get of an ip address, the gml:coordinates return the data for Latitude and longitude reversed.

Look at the examples on the site:

http://api.hostip.info/get_html.php?ip= ... ition=true


Latitude: 41.7696
Longitude: -88.4588

Latitiude first, then Longitude.

If you run the xml version:



It has the longitude first then latitude.
The actual numbers are right, they are just reported back in swapped locations.

Normally this is not a big deal, but we are making an app that will map it to google maps. Google wants to se the latitude first, then logitude.

We have a workaround at the moment for it, but can we get it swapped to stay consistent with the other formats?


Michael Tyler
Abinidi Web Services
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