Can't stop hacker even though I know his IP address

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Can't stop hacker even though I know his IP address

Postby soundeffects on Sun Jun 11, 2006 11:01 pm

I have an issue with my ex-boss, he is upset that I started my own business. Basically I advertise on and, every click off there costs me $3-$5 each. I've gotten hundreds of clicks from him and has cost me a lot of money.

He has a dynamic IP address and it keeps changing, I can trace it back to the ISP and they just said they would investigate it, but basically there aren't going to do much. Google and Yahoo said the samething. My local police department won't do anything...Any suggestions??

I really need some good advice, should I just do this back to him? How should I go about changing and masking my IP address to get back at him?
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Postby robocoder on Mon Jun 12, 2006 1:42 pm

Using an anonymizer to exact revenge isn't ethical and not guaranteed to be a deterrent. It could also lead to escalation.

Assuming you are a victim:
  • Demand a refund from Yahoo (owners of Overture) and Google citing click fraud. You evidently have reports (date, time, IP, browser info) suggesting a pattern of abuse (e.g., disproportionate number of clicks from a given netblock during certain times). In addition, they should be able to filter your ads for any given netblock.
  • Contact the FBI -- they appear to have jurisdiction covering alleged computer-related crimes (e.g., CFAA 18 USC Section 1030(a)(4) for computer fraud > $5000, or 18 USC Section 1361-2 prohibiting malicious mischief).
That said, review how you've set-up your ad targeting. Both Google and Overture have geo-targeting. If "local", then these BellSouth clicks could very well be legitimate clicks, albeit non-conversions.

Finally, confront your ex-employer with your suspicions. If they seem evasive, warn them that you've contacted law enforcement authorities to investigate.
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