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Postby IPNewb on Wed Jul 19, 2006 7:20 pm

Hi everyone. I have a question and I would really appreciate any info that anyone can provide. And I heartily apologize if this is a stupid question.

I use something similar to (it's another website) to track visitors on my website - their location by city and state by ip address.
Most of the time I will use WHOIS to see how accurate the location is that it gives me. Well, two addresses have popped up lately that I checked:

Now, the website that is similar to gives the location as being Royal Oak, MI on these addresses.

However, when I run them through ARIN WHOIS, it gives the following info (it gives the same provider on the other address as well):
WideOpenWest LLC WIDEOPENWEST (NET-67-149-0-0-1) -

I guess my question is - Is there any possibility that this is correct and that the location is Royal Oak, Michigan but WHOIS returns a provider in Illinois? I tried running a traceroute on the addresses, but to be honest, I didn't understand the numbers and letters it threw back at me to understand it. This site I use is normally accurate with regards to at least the state involved. But Royal Oak just seems very far from Illinois - and I've run into Wide Open West on ARIN WHOIS before but the state came back as Michigan.

Thanks to anyone who can answer this for me.
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Postby robocoder on Wed Jul 19, 2006 11:18 pm

Since those IPs belong to an ISP, it's unlikely the visitors are from the address given in the ARIN WHOIS.

WideOpenWest's netblock is quite large, covering the range: -

It's possible Royal Oak, MI is the location. A traceroute showed packets going through a WOW router in Troy, MI before disappearing into the ether. (WOW has an office in Troy, MI, in addition to Naperville, IL, Berea, OH, etc.)

Conversely, it could be wrong, i.e., it's possible that Royal Oak, MI was the geolocation, at one time, but is no longer correct or reliable. This all depends on how the IP address was geocoded, how recently, how frequently, and by whom.
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